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Dr. Cary Adams

Dr. Adams is a lifelong resident of the Chicago area. He considers it his responsibility to be a lifelong student in the profession of Dentistry, continuously learning new skills and keeping abreast of the most recent advances in patient care. Recently he became certified in the use of invisible aligners to bring straighter teeth and more pleasing smiles to patients.

Dr. Adams has several passions in addition to his passion for delivering excellent dental care. He has been a runner all of his life, and has completed over a dozen marathons. Another lifelong pursuit has been the piano, and he has given numerous concerts over the years, including several at the Skokie Public Library and the Levy Senior Center in Evanston. In the summer of 2008, Dr. Adams began a new adventure as he traveled to Vietnam to adopt a baby boy.

He will always be happy to talk dentistry, child-rearing, travel, music, running, and many other interests you may have!

Our staff

Our newest staff member has been in our office for over 4 years, and our longest-term team member has been working with Dr. Adams nearly 14 years.

For patients, this staff consistency allows for a high level of care.

A pleasant environment for team members is also a pleasant environment for patients.

Better Stories Tripp Psychiatry Virtual Sessions

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Dr. Cary Adams is proud to serve downtown Chicago and suburban Skokie.

If you have any questions about how we can care for your teeth & mouth, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Skokie office

4905 Old Orchard Center, Suite 500, Skokie IL, 60077

Phone: 847-677-8553

Fax: 847-677-3121

Chicago office

30 N. Michigan, Suite 1209, Chicago IL, 60602

Phone: 312-263-6977

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